Monthly Archives: May 2013

Fishing Jam: Day 4

Today I started working on the graphics. The two main areas are the town and the beach. There is an incongruence between my ground style and character style. I really dislike it so I’m probably going to completely re-do all ground tiles. Definitely the sand which is just Gaussian noise, I’ll probably try to draw… Read more »

Fishing Jam: Day 3

Okay so my days are kind of spread out. I regret doing an rpg from scratch because it is incredibly time consuming. Nevertheless, I’ve got a fishing system running. Here is a screen shot of the basic layout: Not quite the one I imagined. It doesn’t have much of a UI yet, the line strength… Read more »

Fishing Jam: Day 2

Well I did very little in day2… I rewrote most of what I did on day 1 so that I could load scenes more efficiently with less coupling. I finished my json scripting system and made an editor with javascript/html for some reason. It outputs json scripts like the following which the game reads. I’m… Read more »

Fishing Jam: Day 1

Okay, so Wednesday was my first day. So yesterday I had this goal list: 1. Make place holder graphics in 15 mins or so 2. Make a 4 tile, tile-set place holder ground, water, building and door. 3. Make walking + collisions work 4. Make conversations work, I’m thinking I’ll try to implement some sort… Read more »

Ludum Dare 26: Post Mortem

This was my first Ludum Dare and it was amazing. Being an Australian the comp started midday on the Saturday. I got up relatively early, had a big breakfast and a coffee, prepared my workspace and waited in the irc. The theme was literally the only theme I didn’t want. I felt it was more… Read more »