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Ludum Dare 27: Post Mortem

Fleeting Reality tl;dr I liked the look and atmosphere of my game. I hated everything else, or lack thereof. I’m currently making a post jam version that is completely different. Fleeting Reality was my second attempt at Ludum Dare. I think I learnt a lot more from this one. What went right? – Graphics: I… Read more »

Ludum Dare 27: I’m in!

Alright, I’ve decided to start getting hyped, I’m in! Last Ludum Dare was my first and it was a lot of fun. My only goal was to finish a game and get it out there, success. That being said there were some major flaws with the mechanics and it was an incredibly dull game-play experience…. Read more »

Ludum Dare 26: Post Mortem

This was my first Ludum Dare and it was amazing. Being an Australian the comp started midday on the Saturday. I got up relatively early, had a big breakfast and a coffee, prepared my workspace and waited in the irc. The theme was literally the only theme I didn’t want. I felt it was more… Read more »