Introducing ZooN

Here is the first post describing a non-jam project I’m working on. It is a top down shooter-thing.

Your ship has two modes, dark and light. You can switch between these two modes, there is a slight cool down. Each mode can damage different enemies. Light can hurt dark and neutral, dark can hurt light and neutral. Obvious and simple.

Additionally your ship and the environment evolve. The evolution is triggered by how you are playing. Easy mode will evolve your ship to compliment your play style, hard mode evolves to counter it.

Dark and light modes will evolve differently. I’ll go into detail with this later, but first, the history.

I was only meant to spend a month on it this, this year. I’ve spent longer. Here is how the project started.

The first version of ZooN was made in 2011 probably over a day or so. It was when I was first experimenting with the html 5 Canvas element and JavaScript.

Back then it was simple called shooter.html. It started by accident. I was just making a little shooter demo. I was drawing circles and I some how managed to draw two overlapping each other. The dual mode ship was then borne. I didn’t really get too far into it. Here is a screen shot.


The only mechanic was the switching between modes. I then moved on to other projects and it lay forgotten.

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