When I say talk I mean contact, and when I say, say, I mean write.

Obviously contact is rather standard terminology in the world of wide websites, and immediately primes your brain for details that you can use to get in touch with me. On the other hand talk suggests maybe a forum, irc, or some sort of space age video chat thing.

I’m sorry if this has caused some confusion, but less sorry than I would be if I had to make a bigger cloud.

So now for my contact details. There is a twitter link in the footer of this page, I’m not going to add another one here. Just scroll down. Otherwise you can use this form which might send me an email.

Apparently emails are some what antiquated these days. Using a pound sign next to a word in an email doesn’t make it automatically become a link, which if pressed shows other posts that include the same word accompanied by a pound sign. I’ve heard this is a revolution in communication. So you should probably follow me on twitter.

WAIT! I don’t like that terminology. I don’t really like being followed. So click the follow button but pretend you’re listening to me on twitter. If you go to my twitter page put your thumb over the word follow, on the follow button, and then click it. You are then listening to me on twitter, as far as all involved parties are concerned.

Good work, thank you.

Oh here is the form:

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