Fishing Jam: Day 1

Okay, so Wednesday was my first day.

So yesterday I had this goal list:

1. Make place holder graphics in 15 mins or so
2. Make a 4 tile, tile-set place holder ground, water, building and door.
3. Make walking + collisions work
4. Make conversations work, I’m thinking I’ll try to implement some sort of json thing where I can just feed in scripts
5.If I have time make the fishing system

I finished 1-3 and started on 4. Here is a progress pic:

Day 1 Progress

Day 1 Progress

I feel like maybe I should have just used rpg maker 😉  Nothing so far has been technically interesting.

So for day two I’m just going to finish 4 and 5.

Then I need:

Fish storage system
Fish racing system

I’ll spend at least oen day on graphics, a day on music and sound, then the rest will be making the actual content and coding what needs to be done.

I’ll make a main menu at some point as well.

I’m off to a slow start, but I’ve started.


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