Monthly Archives: June 2013

Fishing Jam: Day 8+

Day 4ish of Spectrum. Spectrum has had a face lift. I’ve hit seven days but I intend to take this game a bit further over the next couple of weeks with the intention of releasing it on Android and ios. Day seven was mainly spent of graphics surrounding Spectrum the fish. That included getting the… Read more »

Fishing Jam: Day 6

Day 2 of Spectrum. Well I got the mechanics into the game. Spectrum can bounce and collide with the hooks. I won’t be working on it today, but I should finish it tomorrow. I’ll probably spend an additional day as well, getting a menu up and play testing it more.

Introducing ZooN

Here is the first post describing a non-jam project I’m working on. It is a top down shooter-thing. Your ship has two modes, dark and light. You can switch between these two modes, there is a slight cool down. Each mode can damage different enemies. Light can hurt dark and neutral, dark can hurt light… Read more »

Fishing Jam: Day 5

RIP RPG The rpg is too far from completion, I really don’t want to release a horrifically incomplete game. Also, I spent a lot of time writing the script today and felt the story would work better simply as a short story. In my rpg system it would stagnate, and, well, be bad. So I… Read more »